Place your bets? National Lottery accused of running a national casino

National Lottery instant win games
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Many in the industry believe that the National Lottery has flown under the radar and should be regarded as a gambling brand – IDS agrees.


National Lottery operator Camelot has come under fire for the alleged “addictive qualities” of its online £10 Instant Win Games which it has subsequently withdrawn from its website.

Camelot, which has seen its income from instant-win games rise to £750 million over the last decade, a sum that represents 10 percent of its sales, has been criticised for running what some MPs have described as a ‘national casino’.

Sir Iain Duncan Smith, who was Leader of the Conservative Party from 2001 to 2003, told The Daily Telegraph that the “National Lottery seems to be turning itself into a gambling company of which it is beginning to exhibit the worst elements.”

2020 research conducted by the Gambling Commission suggested a possible link between £10 instant win games and problem gambling. Whilst acknowledging that its higher priced games may have shown what it described as an “over-index among problem gamblers”. Camelot said it had not seen research that “suggests that £10 National Lottery games are a cause of harm.”

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