TITO has taken over in the AGC sector, says Playsafe Systems

Playsafe Systems Thomas Paystations TITO
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Ticket In Ticket Out has been taking off over the last 12 months as AGC operators prepare for their grand reopenings, with Playsafe Systems’ Iain Lunt explaining that even the most faithful cash-only operators have finally turned to TITO.


Playsafe Systems has seen a shift in attitudes towards Ticket In Ticket Out over the past year as many AGC operators look to reopen with new customer behaviours in mind.

While meeting the reopening date is looking promising for Britain’s retail sector, the last 12 months has seen the popularity of cash usage plummet in favour of card and contactless payment options. However, for the amusements industry, a switch away from cash is not as simple as touching a debit card against a machine. TITO, while not a brand new technology, has proven itself as an effective solution for operators looking to depart from cash to a more efficient and – now more relevantly – hygienic method of payment.

“12 months ago I would have said there will always be a cash operator unhappy about a move away from the traditional way of playing. However, we are in a different time now and we can see by the volume of enquiries and installs it is certainly a changing market,” said Iain Lunt, UK sales and commercial manager at Playsafe. “You will be hard pushed to find a decent AGC without at least their B3 and premium Cat C on a TITO solution in the next 12 to 18 months. I would imagine upwards of 95 percent of B3 machine orders are now with TITO rather than a coin hopper or note payout.”

The surge in ticketed payment options has largely been within the AGC sector, however Lunt revealed that some of Playsafe Systems’ customers in the wider amusements industry have enquired about making the switch.

“Some of our seaside resort customers are seeing the benefits and are looking to make the move,” he said. “We are also seeing requests to integrate AGC Bingo product solutions into Quantum so they can use TITO for paying out at our Thomas Paystations. TITO has been the main machine pay-out solution in LBO and casino for many years so it is about time other market sectors start getting in on the action.”

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