Boom time: Clacton Pier anticipates “bumper summer”

Clacton Pier Staycation bumper season Tendring coast
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Clacton Pier is looking forward to people “flocking to the Tendring coast” this summer, as the government warns against booking holidays abroad until 2022.


With the impact of Coronavirus set to affect overseas tourism for some time to come, the landmark is encouraging holidaymakers to rediscover the UK seaside.

“While we are all looking forward to getting away for a break it does seem like a holiday in the UK may be the best bet for this year,” said director Billy Ball. “There is no doubt that the hospitality and leisure industry would welcome families and the extra income that will be generated after what has been a difficult past 12 months or so.”

“This country does have a lot to offer and with some businesses teetering on the brink they will be hoping that it will be a bumper summer for them – and we are certainly looking forward to people flocking to the Tendring coast and Clacton Pier.”

The pier will reopen on 12 April, and is expecting to see an uptick in visitation based on the pent-up demand to enjoy a summer break.

“Many had to abandon the idea of foreign holidays last year, enjoyed the experience of a break in their own country and have opted to repeat that this time around.”

“It really could be just the boost we need to help us get back on our feet and we are certainly ready to welcome back customers with open arms.”

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