Falgas falls into insolvency

Falgas falls into insolvency childrens rides
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Leading Spanish kiddie ride manufacturer Falgas International has entered administration, one of many suppliers to have been hit by the collapse of the global hospitality industry.


The international manufacturer was registered as insolvent by the Girona Commercial Court this month, after the impact of Coronavirus hit sales. “Falgas is one of the bestknown kiddie ride manufacturers in the world,” reported InterGame.

“We understand that, at the moment, the company is continuing to function after what insiders told us was ‘a disastrous 2020,’ made so by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Falgas is still open for the sale of rides and spare parts that are currently in stock.”

The news comes just weeks after the UK’s own Northern Leisure entered administration, with the 35-year old company forced to put its 8,141 sq ft premises, 1,000 kiddie rides, moulds, designs and spare parts up for sale through Eddison.

Though the impact of Coronavirus restrictions on the hospitality sector has been widely reported, the industry’s supply chain has been consistently overlooked for funding and support at a time when suppliers across both the UK and world facing the decimation of their sales network.

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