Preparing children’s rides for the grand reopening

World of Rides Lifeguard Battery operated rides
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With the 2021 summer season shaping up to be a busy one for the UK’s seasonal holiday operators, World of Rides is already working extra staggered shifts in order to meet the high demand for their 12v and 24v battery rides.


The manufacturer and distributor of children’s rides has its technical team working non-stop to repair customers children’s rides that are not working. Covid-19 has prevented many operators from keeping their 12v batteries fully recharged, prompting the company to purchase another container load of new batteries from their manufactures in order to ensure that all its customers rides are ready for the sector’s grand reopening this summer.

“All Bacta members who are operators of children’s rides are reminded that any make or model of children’s ride can be sent to ourselves for repair, refurbishment or HSE-Bacta-ADIPS safety testing, in order to remain compliant with their membership prior to reopening,” said sales manager Andrew Robinson. “Or we can arrange to have rides collected from their site, and brought back to our factory, as along with all other HSE-Bacta-ADIPS inspectors, current pandemic restrictions will not allow time to visit everyone prior to them reopening!”

Robinson concluded that the HSE’s position has remained unchanged throughout the pandemic, in that ‘‘no amusement device should be used if it has not been maintained effectively and has not been subject to a suitable inspection during the last twelve months by a competent person”.

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