Roger Pennington leaves Sega after 31 years

Roger Pennington leaves SEGA
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Roger Pennington, commercial director at Sega Amusements International, will leave the company after 31 years of service.


Pennington began his career at Sega in 1990, managing the accounts department during a strong growth period. In 1999, company restructuring saw parts of the company sold off leaving just the distribution arm and 11 employees. Pennington was an integral part of that restructure. Over the next two decades, he worked alongside Sega Amusements International’s CEO, Paul Williams, to grow the company again.

“It has been an enjoyable 20 years working with Paul and building a new team which has become a second family,” said Pennington. “We have seen our own game development grow and no longer rely solely on Sega Japan for games. SAI has truly become a global company which not only manufactures and develops games but also distributes 3rd party product and operates games.”

It’s the end of an era for Pennington, who added special thanks to all the Sega staff who have made the last 31 years very enjoyable as well as challenging in meeting new objectives.

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