Merkur Initiative will help hundreds of local communities and good causes

Merkur Initiative 360 programme
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Getting to the heart of the communities that they serve is the driver behind the latest venue-based programme from Gauselmann UK.


As part of its commitment to local communities the length and breadth of the country, Gauselmann UK has announced the launch of ‘Merkur Initiative’ a programme that will reach-out to support smaller charities and good causes that are active in the locality.

A three-way partnership between Gauselmann UK, its venue staff and its customers, Merkur Initiative will champion those local causes that can sometimes be overlooked by the business community but ironically can be the ones in most need of support.


Sascha Blodau
Sascha Blodau, General Manager Gauselmann UK,

Sascha Blodau, General Manager, Gauselmann (UK), believes matching venues with community initiatives is both important and logical. He explained: “Merkur AGCs employ local people, attract customers from the community and support local supply chains – it is therefore right that we support those charities, good causes and community events that are on our doorstep.

“Our venues, whether they are gaming centres on the high street or bingo clubs, fulfil an important community role. They are the places where people meet with their friends, where the staff know them by their first name, where they feel comfortable and where they can enjoy safe and responsible gambling entertainment.

“All of this is centred around a sense of community and we are pledging to support the ‘not for profit’ organisations that are active in our 120+ communities and which can make such an important contribution to the quality of people’s lives.”

Merkur Initiative will draw on the insight and local knowledge of staff and customers who will nominate the good causes they want to support. Money raised through the venues is pooled nationally with Gauselmann UK contributing to the final donation.

Sascha Blodau added: “The causes that we want our venues to get behind are those that typically might not attract support. It might be a local school that’s short of equipment, an old people’s home that wants to throw an unforgettable Christmas Party for its residents, or a football team that needs a new playing kit – there’s hundreds of initiatives for whom a Merkur Initiative gift will make a huge difference and enable them to continue to do brilliant work in their and by extension in our communities.

“I am very confident that Merkur Initiative will be a great success, that it will make an important difference and that it will cement our links with hundreds of local communities. I also think we will discover some powerful local heroes and that we will have great fun on the way – which, after all, is what the Merkur brand is all about!”

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