EUROMAT celebrates another success story as 25 percent tariffs are removed

Jason Frost EUROMAT
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The business busting 25 percent import duties imposed as part of a tit for tat between the EU and the US seem set to disappear thanks in no small part to the effective representation and lobbying of EUROMAT.


EUROMAT is celebrating a major breakthrough in its campaign to lobby for the removal of tariffs which had seen the amusements industry unwittingly caught-up in a long-running trade dispute between the European Union and the United States, relating to illegal state aid to Boeing and Airbus. The 25 percent tariffs, which were placed on a wide range of goods imported from the United States including screen and non screen-based amusements products and spares, are to be lifted – initially for a temporary period of four months.

EUROMAT President, Jason Frost, who highlighted the issue to Coinslot last November, stated: “Although the decision is officially just for a four-month period it is a hugely positive sign of a general de-escalation of a dispute that is totally unrelated to our industry. There is a process to be followed both in the EU and in the US but our understanding is that tariffs will be lifted in a matter of weeks as opposed to months.”

“Since the imposition of tariffs was announced in November, we have been working behind the scenes with the relevant European trade associations to compile the strongest possible evidence-based arguments as well as lobbying MEPs on the Parliament’s trade committee. In addition, we have been working with our colleagues at the American Amusement Machine Association who in turn have lobbied extensively in particular with the new Biden administration. This is another example of EUROMAT working diligently behind the scenes, using its knowledge of how the European Union operates and above all, presenting compelling evidence-based arguments.”

“Clearly, we are pleased with the outcome. Although it won’t help get us open any earlier, it does mean that once venues are up and running, they will have access to new equipment without a 25 percent tariff on top, something the sector can obviously do without!”



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