Mr P’s hopes summer spending stays ‘in house’

Mr Ps Classic Amusements
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Mr P’s Classic Amusements is looking forward to the end of what it hopes will be the last lockdown, and the start of a summer of ‘in house’ spending by the British public.


The operator, who has AGCs in Chatham and Tonbridge and an FEC in Bognor Regis, has found the last year both “bizarre and very challenging”, but is looking forward to the day its doors can reopen once again.

“We can hope and double down that this will be the last lockdown and there will be a hunger for the British people to keep the money ‘in house’ and boost the much needed sectors in our wonderful United Kingdom,” said the operator. “Some have fared better than others, most takeaways are booming and almost all online businesses have excelled at rapid pace. It is therefore going to be interesting to see what will happen to the high street and IF the ‘rot’ that has already been apparent for many years will be ‘too set in’ to be treated.”

Mr P’s added that it is waiting for the Budget to reveal whether the high street will be assisted and online business will have to pay a much fairer tax rate.

“It would be a pretty dull affair if the towns that we all live in had ‘no town’ as we know it and would remove our ‘hub’ for meeting up and having a bit of time out.” the operator concluded.

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