OGTech integration essential for retail success says OKTO chief

OKTO retail cashless payments
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Digital payments firm OKTO has predicted that gaming establishments will have to embrace digital payments and self-service systems in order to attract customers back to the retail environment.


With players having been forced to migrate online during the pandemic, CEO Filippos Antonopoulos has warned against complacency among retail venues in relying on pre- Covid operating processes.

“Is offering a warm, yet hygienic, hug going to be enough to bring retail back to where it stood in early 2020?” asked Antonopoulos. “Fat chance.”

“This would simply underestimate the players, in how tech-savvy they are, and how much they prefer a better, faster experience. Players expect digital experiences in the retail era to be smooth, fast, immersive and secure for them, and anything less than that will clearly not be good enough.”

Hailing the future as “a seamless blend of bricks and clicks,” Antonopoulos called for a greater shift toward a cashless and self-service customer journey, eliminating the requirement for cashiers to represent the start and finish of all transactions.

“The digital experience of cashless mobile tech is unique in what it offers when blended with self-service terminals, AWPs or VLTs. It turns time to the advantage, not the foe, of retail transactions.”

“There’s no doubt that cashless betting on self-service terminals will fuel the transformation, revolutionising the retail betting landscape and the customer journey.”

Government should take note; end this crazy notion that amusement centres cannot take smart cards.

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