Horwood: “We have noticed an increase in enquiries and orders”

Mark Horwood UDC Roadmap to recovery
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The roadmap is a ‘massive boost’, says Mark Horwood of UDC. But it doesn’t mask the discrepancies in the government support schemes, which for the next ten weeks will be crucial. Top of the list for the machines distributor is consistent application of the VAT cut across the sector.


Does the government’s roadmap provide you with a clear path for a return to business?

While everyone would dearly like to be open earlier, the proposed roadmap is a massive boost to our industry.

We now have a date went the Arcades can open, Operators have now realised they have only 10 weeks to get ready for what is expected to be a very busy year ahead and we have noticed an increase in enquiries and orders.

What’s missing from the roadmap for your business?

As we are in the supply chain we have not enjoyed any rates relief from the government, it is my opinion our industry is unique as any company in the supply chain needs to hold a licence to sell and maintain games, there are over 300 companies that have enjoyed a rates holiday however around 50 companies that are single site operators and distributors who can only sell to licence operators have received nothing and I believe this is unfair and we should be helped with the rent relief scheme.

We have the budget this week, what does the chancellor need to do to make the roadmap work for you?

We would like the government to help all business in our sector and cut TAX not increase them at a time when we need support the most. I cannot understand why some seasonal business are paying 5 percent VAT and Arcades that are located in the same buildings have to pay 20 percent it does not make sense… I will expand a little: If I have an arcade on a Pier or in a Holiday Park ,the Crazy Golf, Ice Cream seller, Trampoline Operator pay 5 percent VAT but the Arcade at the same location has to pay 20 percent VAT. How can that be fair?

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