Quentin Stott: The supply chain has been woefully supported by the government

Quentin Stott Reflex Gaming supply chain woefully supported by government
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Quentin Stott is very clear: the supply sector has been left out in the cold, both pre and post roadmap. The problem is, companies such as Reflex are vital to their customer base – without them the customer’s recovery is in jeopardy. But without effective government support, those supply chain businesses are also in jeopardy. Very simple maths, but why can’t the government add it up?


Does the government’s roadmap provide you with a clear path for a return to business?

It’s not as clear as one might have hoped for as the dates for pubs, clubs and arcades opening is “x” at the earliest. As part of the supply chain to the government’s plans to reopening our customer base, we will follow in the wake of their recovery, rather than being at the forefront. So it’s still a long way to go before our business will see any uplift in trade.

What’s missing from the roadmap for your business?

In a nutshell, additional support. The supply chain has been woefully supported by government throughout the pandemic, which brings us nicely onto your next question.

We have the budget this week, what does the chancellor need to do to make the roadmap work for you?

As Newark & Sherwood District Council, along with many other Local Councils have been ineffective in supporting many companies in my business sector, we need the Chancellor to extend rates relief for hospitality, and for these to also be extended to the hospitality supply chain.

Further, as the supply chain will trail customer facing hospitality and leisure businesses as we lift out of lockdown, so a further extended and then phased reduction in furlough support, rather than a hard cut off, would assist Reflex and similar businesses from an immediate reduction in head count that would prove unnecessary should we be supported a little longer.

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