New twist and turn in in Birnbeck Pier saga

Birnbeck Pier new twist
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The owner of Birnbeck Pier has applied to the magistrates court to contest North Somerset Council’s Compulsory Purchase Order, aiming to reattribute an appeal lodged in 2020 to the pier’s new owner.


Earlier this year, CNM Estates sold the pier to a newly-formed company, with CNM chair Wahid Samady – who also operates new owners Birnbeck Pier Holdings – now arguing the appeal should be transferred.

“It appears that Mr Samady is seeking every avenue possible to delay the CPO, which is extremely disappointing,” said council leader Don Davies. “The council would much prefer it if he spent his time and effort focusing on making the necessary repairs to the pier, which we highlighted in September 2019.”

“If the owner is not willing or able to do what needs to be done to save this wonderful structure then they should allow the transfer of the land to take place and make way for an organisation who can.”

A virtual preliminary hearing was held at North Somerset Courthouse on 22 February, with NSC arguing the appeal was unjustified as neither CNM nor BPH had undertaken any necessary repairs during their decade of ownership.

The court scheduled a full hearing for March or April, with the exact date to be confirmed later this month.

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