Bacta ban on under 18’s playing Cat D complex machines in place from March

Bacta Cat D age limit increase March
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From the 1st of March, Bacta Division 1 members will voluntarily raise the age limit for Category D complex machines to 18.


Many FEC operators have already made the necessary changes, including displaying the over 18 signage, which is available free of charge for Bacta members from the trade association.

“The members’ decision to strengthen our Voluntary Code and restrict Under 18s from playing Cat D Cash Fruit Machines is further evidence that Social Responsibility is at the core of what we do,” said Trevor Sutton, Chairman of Bacta’s Division 1, when the ban was originally announced.

“These games will remain available to play by adults within our venues and importantly still allow family groups to play in close proximity to each other without segregation. As Operators, we intend to ensure that our offer remains safe, well controlled, diverse, appealing to all ages and most importantly represents a fun, wholesome experience creating memories that last a lifetime.”

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