Affordability checks: MP fears playing into black market’s hands

affordability checks gambling reform MP fears
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MP for Tewkesbury Laurence Robertson has spoken out against the prospect of spending limits on gambling wagers.


New regulations under consideration as part of wider reform of the Gambling Act would introduce a £100 per month cap on gambling losses per individual – unless they were able to prove that they have the means to incur a more substantial loss.

Aside from the obvious implications as to how such a policy would constitute government overstep with respect to individual privacy, the racing industry has raised the justifiable objection that such a policy would also devastate their trade by turning the vast majority of casual punters away from betting altogether.

As for Robertson, his own counter to affordability checks centred around how over-regulation of licensed betting outfits would inevitably benefit unlicensed equivalents.

“Once those customers leave the regulated market, both the regulated industry and the Gambling Commission lose the opportunity to protect them,” he argued this week. “The risk posed by this should not be understated.”

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