Clacton Pavilion receives wheel approval

Clacton Pavilion wheel approval
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Tendring District Council has approved Clacton Pavilion’s plans to install a 30 metre observation wheel on the seafront to mark the town’s 150th anniversary.


The 24-gondola attraction will accommodate 144 visitors at full capacity, create ten new jobs, and is expected to be erected before the end of February.

“It will be a huge tourist attraction for many years to come and marks a fantastic historical landmark for the town,” said Pavilion owner Billy Peak.

“The idea came to us after seeing a similar project in San Francisco to celebrate 150 years of the Golden Gate Bridge and if it is good enough for them then it is good enough for us.”

The wheel is currently in the final stages of construction, and when installed will sit alongside the Pavilion’s waterpark, ride offering and high-rope adventure park.

“As part of our Back to Business agenda we want to support all of our local firms to be the best they can be, so, wherever we can, we will support innovative and exciting projects which aim to boost our economy,” added TDC leader Neil Stock.

“The leisure and tourism sector is no exception to this, and I am delighted to see Clacton Pavilion investing in this wheel as a way of attracting people to our Essex Sunshine Coast.”

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