“No surprise” hospitality venues are not Covid hotspots

Hospitality data not Covid hotspot
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UKHospitality has responded to data presented by health experts that hospitality isn’t a major Covid transmission risk as “no surprise,” hailing the lengths venues have gone to to protect staff and customers.


The findings were presented to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee by regional public health directors on 27 January, and conclude that household interactions are the main source of transmission. “Hospitality doesn’t crop up as a terribly big risk on our radar,” Sheffield’s public health director Greg Fell told MPs. “Certainly when we look at the common exposure dataset, hospitality certainly isn’t a huge risk.”

The findings follow significant investment from hospitality venues to ensure their premises adhere to the latest transmission prevention measures, while battling the unfounded assumption from government that they pose a high risk.

“Hospitality venues are not the hotbeds of infection many people have arbitrarily chosen to portray,” said UKHospitality CEO Kate Nicholls “This should come as no surprise when you consider the huge investments made by the sector to make venues Covid-secure.”

“The witnesses to the select committee are by no means the first to provide scientific evidence to support our case – there has long been an absence of any convincing body of evidence to uphold claims of high transmission in hospitality.”

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