Burlin: Failure to support the supply chain ‘a perfect example of FUBAR’

Martin Burlin Supply Chain
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Martin Burlin knows only too well how tough life is for the supply chain – every one of those businesses is engaged one way or another with his EAG Expo. Which makes his bewilderment at the lack of support on grant aid and business rates for the supply sector all the more believable.



The supply chain has been unable to access many of the government’s support measures. What impact is this having on the sector?

Why businesses, that are similarly affected like the hospitality industry, cannot access the same grants business rates relief is bewildering.

The problem is that Parliament is stuffed full of MPs with no experience of business life. A great percentage, since leaving university, have been somebody’s bag carrier before finding a safe seat. They have no idea of the hours put in and the real challenges faced by the private entrepreneur.

So the lack of any help is destructive to those companies in both Division 2&4.

How have businesses in the supply chain managed to function in the absence of these measures?

How these companies are able to survive is concerning. It’s not as if they can sell their products into the home market. If you are a manufacturer there could be opportunities to repurpose your operation. That, however, is easier said than done.

What measures are required to protect t he supply chain over the coming year?

For starters, these companies need to be given the full assistance given to other businesses in the leisure industry. Until the leisure industry reopens options are very limited. This could have been an opportunity for an approach to the DCMS for legal concessions to help with the recovery.

Unfortunately the Gambling Review will be a roadblock to this approach.

The government response has been to point to other business support measures available. What are your views on:

Government support for for self employed directors paid through dividends?

Why Directors have been abandoned is puzzling. Surely a way could have been found to resolve this issue.

Bounce back loans: are they lifeline or another long term debt?

Well yes how do you repay extra debt when you have received no income. What is worse is that taking on extra borrowings could result in a company breaking its banking covenants.

Is the furlough scheme still viable if the industry stays shut until May?

The last twelve months have been unprecedented. The Government said that they hoped that nobody gets left behind. We know of two sections of our industry whom have been left on their knees. A perfect example of a “FUBAR”.


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