China express: UDC freight ‘on track’ for new season

UDC rail freight China
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On the map, it looks like a journey that the likes of intrepid travel adventurer Michael Palin would undertake rather than the route that redemption games destined for the UK market would take. However, United Distributing Company managing director Mark Horwood told Coinslot that the company was now transporting containers from China to the UK via rail freight.


“With the current dearth of shipping container and container ship availability sending the price skyrocketing we arranged for some of our new games to be transported all the way from China to the UK via train,” he said. “Whilst not the route that the Orient Express would take and in considerably less style and luxury, not even a buffet car in sight, it’s intended to be cheaper than flying freight and faster traditional shipping at this time, given the issues at UK ports and the shortage of boats arriving from China.”

The cost of shipping a container from China has increased five-fold from this time last year for UDC, and even when a container reaches Europe onboard a ship there have been repeated delays getting a spot at a UK port with the current backload. The rail freight container, having departed mere hours before Christmas, are due to arrive in the UK any day. There have been minor delays, but the redemption games are still on track to arrive at UDC before other containers that left the same port via container ship a few hours apart.

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