Locked-down and now blocked off Blackpool’s promenade

Blackpool Central Pier street locked down
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Blackpool Promenade will be partially closed for up to ten weeks as work commences to fill in an abandoned tunnel close to Blackpool’s Central Pier.


The popular underground walkway used by people to access the promenade hasn’t been active for some thirty years according to town historians and has since fallen into a state of repair.

The proposed works were confirmed by Blackpool Council last week. A spokesperson stated: “Due to the subway being abandoned many years ago, it is in a poor condition and in a dilapidated state. Repair and ongoing maintenance would be at a significant cost, so the subway will be decommissioned by infilling with light weight foam concrete.

The timing of the works will cause some consternation for operators in the resort, although present lockdown conditions will clearly soften some of the impact. However, the closure will run up close to, if not over the Easter period, which is still a hopeful target for businesses to re-open.

The works will require part of the promenade to close and a redirection of traffic.

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