Be vigilant through lockdown, McArthur warns big betting

Neil McArthur lockdown betting warning
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Betting chiefs received a stern word from the head of the Gambling Commission this week, with a note reminding them of their heightened obligations to vulnerable customers throughout the period of lockdown.


The regulator’s chief executive Neil McArthur told industry heads that “no one should be in any doubt about how closely we are monitoring issues,” adding that the watchdog remained “willing to take further action if we deem that necessary.”

The Commission continues to insist that lockdown raises the risk of players gambling more whilst confined to their homes – despite their own evidence showing that the opposite is actually true.

To that end, McArthur had to dig deep in the stats – and project into the future – to make a case which stood any semblance of credibility.

“We know that some consumers, such as highly engaged gamblers who play a range of products, are likely to spend more time and money gambling and the fact that sport will continue during this lockdown will mean there are more opportunities for betting customers to gamble,” he remarked. “Operators must now more than ever, continue to be vigilant to protect their customers.”

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