Amendments approved to new Irish gambling bill

Amendments approved irish gambling bill
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The Dáil has continued to inch along its glacial path towards meaningful regulation in the Republic of Ireland: with TDs this week formalising prospective amendments to the initial draft of the new Gaming and Lotteries Act.


The new legislation came into effect last month, with this week’s amendments addressing conditions required for gambling promoters to attain licensure. On a broader basis, the bill formalises the minimum age of play at 18 for all forms of betting throughout the country – whilst also streamlining Ireland’s archaic licensing application process for gaming machines.

According to gambling law expert Dermot McGirr of Pinsent Masons, the week’s developments “bring a degree of clarity to Irish operators,” but should nevertheless be interpreted as “another step on the long road to fundamental reform of the gambling and gaming regulatory landscape in Ireland.”

Meanwhile, minister James Browne, who is overseeing the new legislation, said that the gambling industry in Ireland was “large and evolving,” and therefore should be “ the subject of a modern, sensible and effective licensing and regulatory approach.”

“My department is now engaged in the drafting of a general scheme of a new bill to provide for that comprehensive reform,” he added.

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