CashGenic is giving cash-reliant business a covid-proof solution

CashGenic covid proof solution
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Launched in May 2020, CashGenic, the cash automation solution from Innovative Technology, has been providing a covid-proof option to cash-reliant businesses across the UK.


The solution – a compact, all-in-one counter-top device – has allowed customers, many of whom could be dependent on cash, to pay for products safely and hygienically, while enabling businesses to adhere to social distancing measures. Commenting on one of the first CashGenic success stories, Andy Bullock, senior business development manager, said: “Our first installation was completed in partnership with our UK supplier CC Dynamic (branded as £XCHEKKA) and installed by Maggi Electronics at a local fish and chip shop, The Top Chippy in Manchester. The owners are delighted with the results as it has removed the need for staff to manage cash, allowing them to use their time more efficiency. Helping them to follow social distancing advice is another positive effect.”

Chris Woodall, managing director of CC Dynamic, added: “The Top Chippy are really pleased with the unit especially as staff do not need to keep changing gloves or washing hands when taking cash. They are also seeing an uptake in cash takings which is great news! We are now an approved strategic supplier for the National Federation of Fish Friers, so will be collaborating with them to introduce £XCHEKKA into more outlets up and down the country.”

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