Robert Gibb: Looking to industry unity after difficulties of 2020

Robert Gibb Bacta
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Looking to 2021, Bacta’s head of finance and operations Robert Gibb spoke to Coinslot about how the industry can benefit from clear communication and a shared determination, in order to speak with a unified voice.


With the sun finally setting on 2020, Coinslot took the opportunity of speaking to Bacta’s head of finance and operations Robert Gibb about what the future holds for the industry.

Though noting that operators couldn’t have wished for a worse 12 months, the Game Payment Technology director noted just how irrepressible the industry has proved itself.

“I have been amazed at how stoic and resilient the Bacta members have been in dealing with what has been undoubtedly the most difficult time in recent history to operate their businesses,” said Gibb.

“Even in these difficult times they haven’t lost their sense of humour, which is amazing and a rare skill.”

That sense of humour, much needed throughout the majority of 2020, is evidence of one of the most crucial tenets of the industry; that the prime focus is the business of fun.

Though the idea of fun often felt like a distant memory amid the demands of the pandemic, the impact of Covid-19 also provided ample opportunity for reflection on how the industry moves forward.

Asked whether the events of 2020 changed his view on how the business is run, Gibb observed: “I am not sure that it has changed my view, but rather focused it on the importance of clear communication and the strength in speaking as a unified voice to support the full range of diverse businesses that are members of Bacta.”

Though Gibb added that – “If I’ve learnt anything in the last 12 months it’s to not try and predict the future” – he also remains optimistic about what lies ahead.

“I will try not to look back on 2020, but prefer to look forward to 2021 and towards what hopefully will see the successful roll out of the vaccines and to life returning to some sort of normality.”

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