Government warns of “wild abandon” in bingo halls

bingo covid restrictions
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Though the UK bingo scene is hardly infamous for its all-night debauchery and orgiastic lock-ins, the government’s deputy chief medical officer has warned older people they may not immediately be able to behave “with wild abandon” when returning to halls once vaccinated.


Answering questions at a 30 December press briefing, Professor Jonathan Van-Tam stated that despite the efficacy of the new Pfizer-BioNTech and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines, the lessening of restrictions will be guided solely by the rate of transmission.

“Your question to me was rather more about vaccines and behaviour and if after your second dose of the vaccine it’s okay to behave with wild abandon and go off to the bingo halls and whatever you like,” said Van-Tam, in response to queries on what a return to normality could look like. “The magic phrase is transmission.”

“I can’t give you the assurance that you won’t still pose a hazard to others through transmitting the virus.”

Bingo halls have been one of the hardest hit sectors of the bricks-and-mortar gaming industry as a result of Coronavirus restrictions.

With an average player age of 60, many regulars have been reluctant to return during periods of reopening, despite the extensive player protection measures implemented by halls across the country.

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