SEGA balances nostalgia with futuristic in diverse 2021 product line-up

SEGA 2021 Lester Travasso
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SEGA has started the year by announcing an upcoming line-up of quintessential arcade titles for the FEC market, including racers, videos games, and skill-based redemption.


Pixel Chase fits last of these categories, offering a “modern retro” skill-based redemption experience in which players must throw as many balls as possible into the LED-lit targets.

“Easy to play but hard to master, makes this a popular game with young and old, new or skilled players,” said Lester Travasso sales and marketing executive at Sega Amusements Europe. “With its strong performance and glowing reviews Pixel Chase is a ‘must-have’ game in every redemption venue.”

Another dose of nostalgia comes from Centipede Chaos, manufactured by ICE, and “guaranteed to bring the classic arcade feeling back to your location”.

“With players demanding 80’s nostalgia games, this game is spot on with this current trend,” continued Travasso. “With its simple joystick controller, players must clear wave after wave of enemies, fun power-ups, easy and challenging bosses add excitement and depth to the gameplay that keeps players coming back for more.”

And the classic arcade would not be complete without a racing game, which SEGA offers through ATV Slam, along with its custom-developed air cylinder-based motion platform that delivers a “thrilling experience”.

“ATV Slam is hands down the coolest ATV racing game on the market,” added Travasso. “While the life-size quad bike cabinet demands players attention at any location. Ten exotic game environments, wind effects, razor-sharp graphics, and heart-pounding soundtracks gets player’s adrenaline pumping.”

SEGA also has some world-famous licensed products for 2021, including Transformers Shadows Rising, which comes in al Optimus Prime truck themed cabinet with chrome accents and bright red, and blue finish, making for an impressive attraction on location.

The company also has its own highly recognisable brands in the form of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo, a game that blends physical activity and arcade fun like few others. “Variety is the spice of life and that is what SEGA offers; a wide variety of products that keep families and friends entertained at your arcade, FEC or bowling centre,” concluded Travasso.

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