Mark Edmundson: 2020 – remembering a year to forget

Mark Edmundson GeWeTe 2020 Review
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‘Our industry is very good at working together…’




How will you look back on 2020?

Quite simply as a very challenging and turbulent year but also a year in which we learned an awful lot.

What, if any, were your highlights of the year?

Still being able to fulfil customer orders and installing our cash handling solutions even in such difficult circumstances was a significant highlight as was increasing the install base of our MARS TITO and Data capture system. Even during lockdown, our development team worked throughout and used the time to develop new products and new features, which make cash and cashless handling much easier and more transparent for our customers.

How have the events of 2020 changed your view on how you run your organisation, how we run our industry and how the various authorities run our country?

Like everyone we are constantly reviewing the way we run our business, and this year has been no different. As already mentioned, this year has allowed us to expand our product range to offer new models to assist our customers to improve customer service and social distancing. Our industry is very good at working together to ensure we focus on the important things and this year has been no different.

Covid, Brexit, The Gambling Review: what do you think will happen in 2021?

I wish I had a crystal ball to answer all of these! Covid will be with us for a long time even with the vaccine so I expect restrictions to continue for the first quarter of 2021 at least. With Brexit, we have contingency plans in place as far as we can, but the first few months will be testing with new system and paperwork needed for importing and exporting goods. Our company is definitely prepared for everything, so that we can offer our customers good quality of systems and services as usual.

If you had to pick a Hero(ine) of 2020 who would it be and who would be your folk devil?

The hero would be my son Alex, who at 12 has managed to stay focused during months of home schooling whilst maintaining his great sense of humour in such a challenging period in his life, my hat goes off to all of the teachers too. The folk devil is Covid.

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