Showoman Danter publishes Nelson’s Funfair Holiday

Nelsons Funfair Holiday Danter
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Showoman Claire Danter has released a new children’s book championing the appeal of the fairground industry, and teaching young people the value of helping others.


Stocked by Waterstones and Amazon, Nelson’s Funfair Holiday was written by Danter as a form of therapy after she suffered PTSD in the wake of an attack.

“I started writing just after I suffered an attack – it was an unexpected vicious attack by another woman,” Danter told The Barry and District News. “After the attack I started to suffer from PTSD.”

“It has taken me over two years of my life to get to somewhere near normal and even now I’m not the same person I was. The writing was the escape I needed.”

The resulting book follows the story of a young boy who goes to stay with a funfair-owning auntie, and though too small to ride, learns the value of kindness.

“This story will give children a glimpse of what it is like visiting and growing up on the fairground,” added Danter.

Travelling fairgrounds are part of our heritage in the UK and across Europe. It’s our history, it’s who we are and we all play a part in that, whether you grow up on the fairground or not.”

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