Jolly Roger makes pages of Autocar

Jolly Roger Chevy Autocar
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The legendary kiddie ride manufacturer Jolly Roger caught the eye of a leading trade magazine with the release of its latest car-inspired product – the ’57 Chevy.


Kiddie-ride specialist Jolly Roger made the pages of car trade-paper Autocar magazine this weekend, with reporter John Evans travelling to the company’s facility in Skegness to take a look at the manufacturer’s latest model.

The product in question is JR’s brand new ’57 Chevy, which Autocar described as “the electrically powered model [which] will bring iconic 1950’s American motoring to an emerging audience.“

It was certainly an eye-catching introduction…but it took a couple more paragraphs for Evans to disclose the fact that the new model wasn’t a revolution in so-called EV (electrical vehicle) design, but was instead a new coin-op ride for toddlers.

“Knowing how much customers like our cars and vans – Spydero and Classic Camper are our biggest sellers – we’re very excited about the launch of the ’57 Chevy,” remarked Jolly Roger’s MD Dave Watson. “It satisfies a desire for a return to the past and a cosier, more secure world.”

If you’re curious as to why on earth Autocar would see fit to report on a new kiddie ride, the relevance was – to Evans’ mind at least – the fact that kids still seem to be fascinated by four-wheeled vehicles… a fact he said “bodes well for the future of our four-wheeled friends.”

It’s an assertion backed up by Jolly Roger’s sales figures: clearing more than 1,200, the company can claim (with some fair degree of confidence) to be one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of kiddie rides anywhere in the world.

“Chinese manufacturers charge lower prices for their rides but can’t make the business work, because they build them to fail and to be thrown away,” Watson remarked. “We’ve survived by building rides our customers can rely on to earn money all year round with minimal maintenance and for a very long time.”

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