Bridlington arcade thieves caught on CCTV

Bridlington suspected arcade thieves Roxy Amusements
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The owner of Roxy Amusements has released CCTV footage of an attempted robbery at the Bridlington arcade, stating the two men on camera are believed to be responsible for a similar theft at South Shore Holiday Village.


Phillip Hardacre confirmed the pair had stolen £330 from a machine on his premises in the holiday park, branding the crime “frustrating and upsetting” at a time when arcade owners are already facing significant challenges.

“It is definitely the same ones because I was at the other arcade and they did it in front of me,” Hardacre told the Hull Daily Mail. “We were filling other machines up and doing jobs for half-term and I was distracted.”

“You can see him forcing to try to bust the door open. Fortunately, he didn’t get into it on this one but at my other arcade, they emptied three of the sections of a four-section machine.”

The footage was recorded on 21 October, and though Hardcastle said “we don’t actually think they got anything from Roxy,” he added that was where CCTV “was the best to show them.”

“It’s dishonest and devious what they’re doing.”

“We’ve struggled and then you get these people coming along and taking your livelihood away from you. It’s frustrating and upsetting.”

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