“Offensive and damaging”: Miller hits out at ‘kiss me quick’ dismissal

Southend Philip Miller hits out
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The owner of Adventure Island has dismissed claims published as part of a property market index document that Southend suffers from a “kiss me quick” image, stating the comment is “offensive and damaging.”


Though Southend ranked eighth in popularity with London-based buyers, the report advised the town to update its public perception, something Philip Miller believes was achieved “donkeys years ago.”

“I believe the property boys have got it wrong,” Miller told the Echo. “The proof is always in the pudding, if it were true, why are we already in the top ten? Off the cuff remarks such as these are offensive and damaging to Southend’s reputation.”

“We lost the kiss me quick image donkeys years ago, I haven’t seen a kiss me quick hat on the seafront since the nineties.”

The report had raised questions over the impact on property prices the seafront amusements may have, however Miller noted how popular the attractions continue to be for both tourists and residents alike.

“Probably fifty percent of our trade over the year are local people. The facts are the seafront and their environs are a draw for London movers.”

“When we study the demographics of our customer base; annual pass sales are in the main within an hour’s drive time, with the lion’s share all local postcodes.”

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