Bingo Association puts pressure on Scottish government

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The Bingo Association has called on members to write to Nicola Sturgeon in order to keep bingo halls open, noting that one in ten club members can’t imagine life without bingo.


The Bingo Association has called on players in Scotland to sign a petition urging Nicola Sturgeon to keep bingo halls open under Level Two restrictions, highlighting the important role venues have to play in the community.

As part of the Bingo is my Lifeline campaign, the association is calling for bingo to be placed in Level Three of Scotland’s Strategic Framework, allowing venues to re-open until specifically ordered to close if moved to a higher tier.

“There have been no recorded cases of Coronavirus transmission within any bingo club that we are aware of,” said CEO Miles Baron. “If we have to close bingo clubs across Scotland, local communities will lose out on an important and safe community hub.”

“With loneliness on the rise, many people need Covid-19 safe spaces to overcome social isolation and connect with others. Indeed, one in ten bingo club members say they can’t imagine life without bingo and three in ten say it is the highlight of their week.”

Those impacted by the closure of their local bingo hall are encouraged to sign a letter featured on the Bingo Association’s website, addressing First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, and outlining the importance of bingo halls to vulnerable members of the community.

The letter also highlights the extent to which bingo halls have followed safety measures, including new cleaning regimes, capacity caps, social distancing configurations and mandatory face coverings.

“The more people who make a case for keeping clubs open, the more likely it is that Scotland’s bingo halls will be able to continue welcoming customers in a secure manner,” added Baron.

“This all becomes moot of course should the rest of the UK follow England into another total lockdown. However, the sentiment will be valuable when it comes time to start reopening social venues once again.”

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