Bacta to survey members on the fiscal impact of Covid

Bacta survey
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Bacta has launched an inquiry into the commercial impact of Covid-19 on its membership.


Part of its programme of dialogue with the DCMS and government departments, the trade body has contacted its 600-plus membership base to examine the effects Covid-lockdowns and tier levels have affected the broad-ranging businesses in the sector.

The information will be compiled for presentation to both government and local MPs who have been highly supportive of amusement and gaming businesses in their constituencies.

“It’s crucial that we have a clear indicator of the commercial consequences arising from government policies to feed back to the policy makers,” advised Bacta CEO John White.

“There is an emphasis on science-led data running through all government decision- making at the moment, and it’s important that we follow the same process.”

That data will feature all wings of the amusements and gaming sector, from AGCs, single site and FEC operators through to manufacturers, distributors and throughout the supply chain. It will include regional variations – primarily national ,in line with the devolved government authorities – and focus on the fiscal and human consequences of Covid responses dating back to March.

“We will be focusing on the percentage drop in income year on year; the impact on year on year profit and the number of redundancies and workforce changes,” White added. “The intelligence our members provide on the impact of government measures on their businesses is invaluable. The DCMS has confirmed that this data is fed into the decision making process and the minister personally uses it when making representations on behalf of the industries the DCMS represent.”

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