Solace of Quantum: Playsafe launches new TITO system

Iain Lunt Playsafe Quantum TITO
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As contactless payment systems continue to grow in popularity, Coinslot spoke to Playsafe sales and commercial manager Iain Lunt about the benefits of the company’s Quantum TITO solution.


As Coronavirus concerns deliver a heavy blow to the already declining popularity of cash and coin, operators are increasingly looking to payment alternatives such as TITO in order to future-proof their arcades.

With growth in demand rendering the cashless solutions sector an increasingly crowded field, Playsafe sales and commercial manager Ian Lunt sat down to talk about what sets the Quantum TITO solution apart.

“As the high street gaming offer changes with decreasing numbers of LBO outlets we are getting increasing orders for Quantum TITO as our customers look to fill that gap with their own competitive offer,” said Lunt.

“With our great new Quantum TITO solution, we can provide a low cost fully supported system that integrates into their existing Quantum set up or as a standalone system.”

Quantum TITO automates a number of previously time-consuming processes, such as cash clearances and cash handling, enabling staff to focus more on improving customer experience.

Alongside increasing security through reduced cash handling, Quantum TITO also reflects the current need to limit “touch points” for customers.

“As well as offering an efficient payment method, TITO offers many additional benefits to both operators and customers.”

“In the current Covid situation reducing the number of touch points between customers is imperative. TITO helps to keep everyone safe while allowing operators to open their doors.”

Stating that Quantum TITO provides “the most cost-effective way to deploy TITO to your estate,” Lunt added “all existing Quantum customers will receive TITO software as part of their Quantum V6 update, all that’s required is a TITO server PC, so no need for a third party system.”

“We provide a full turnkey solution, from Network installation through to Gaming Machine Conversion and system Installation. We can also connect to any GBG compliant machine supplier such as SGG VideoBet/Vertex, Blueprint and Inspired, creating a single ticket environment and providing your customers with an enhanced playing experience.”

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