Paultons reservation charge raises season-ticket ire

Paultons Park
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A new reservation policy at Paultons Park in Hampshire has had the theme park’s season ticket holders up in arms.


Upon Paulton’s re-opening on July 4, specific slots were released online for season-ticker holders every Friday – but these were quickly reserved due to capacity limitations, leaving many erstwhile pass holders (but not the general public) in the lurch.

Whilst the park’s management have now scrapped this system, its replacement has caused further anger: with season ticket members having to pay £1 per person to reserve a visitation slot – a charge which park staff have said is necessary to off-set the cost of“no-show” pass holders.

In an open letter on the park’s Facebook, management wrote: “I can assure you this was the last thing we wanted to do but the situation with overbooking and no-shows has increased over August with last week getting to unacceptable levels.”

But the move clearly earned the ire of the attraction’s annual subscribers.

“I certainly won’t be renewing at present after 12 years of having a season ticket,” one posted. “I am not prepared to pay £5 pound per visit for my family on top.”

Whilst Paultons could be viewed as somewhat clumsy in their handling of the reservation policy, the real issue – no shows – remains a real problem. And that theme is one the entire sector is troubled by; Paultons is definitely not alone.

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