Female showmen form Future 4 Fairgrounds campaign group

Showmen Future 4 Fairgrounds campaign
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A group of female Showmen have launched a new campaign group, aiming to highlight the plight of the funfair industry and ensure its continued survival in the face of prohibitive and frequently unfair measures aimed at operators.


Future 4 Fairgrounds is the brainchild of Bernice Wall, Narvenka Noyce, Hayley Danter, Nicola Hill, Joannie Peak and Colleen Roper, and looks to raise awareness for the sector as it contends with both Coronavirus and local authority discrimination.

“Our aim is to bring awareness to the current plight of our business, try to secure the future of our industry and our children’s future within it,” she explained.

“We are asking for your support and any ideas you may like to leave us a comment here.” “We would like photos of equipment and any information that might be helpful to share, if anyone has any details of people or MPs that are on our side that we can have a contact for that we may not have thought of it all helps.”

Those wishing to support the campaign are encouraged to join the Future 4 Fairgrounds social media channels, and help boost the group’s impact and reach.

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