Handwringers wring at upcoming Faversham fair

Faversham Fair
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Despite Covid mortality remaining at some of the lowest levels seen since the pandemic began, Swale Borough Council in Kent has been labelled as “crazy” for daring to allow the local funfair to pitch up in the town of Faversham.


Forrest Amusements has been touring east Kent for the past several weeks to no apparent ill-effect, but amid the latest national panic with respect to an uptick in Covid cases, local news source KentOnline managed to drum up no shortage of Faversham residents who are now bricking it about the prospect of the fair’s imminent three-day run.

“The town is being put under huge risk with the funfair coming to town,” said one father-of- three. “With things getting drastically worse over the last week or so, I don’t think this can even be compared with when the fair was held in Sittingbourne [as] the situation now is far worse than it was then.”

Thankfully, other, saner voices were on hand to point out the contradictions in the fair nay-sayers line of thinking.

“Why can amusement parks remain open but travelling fairs not?” posited one woman on social media. “If they are following Covid guidelines then sure they are permitted to remain open.”



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