Clarence Pier says goodbye to the Solent Wheel

Clarence Pier Solent Wheel
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Clarence Pier bid an emotional goodbye to its iconic Solent Wheel on Tuesday (27 September), with guests flocking for one last ride ahead of the wheel’s relocation.


Marking the occasion with a VIP giveaway and social media live stream, the pier saw customers pack out the gondolas right up until its 8pm close.

“Since its installation in 2016, the wheel has carried tens of thousands of local residents and tourists to heights 35 metres above the promenade, to enjoy views of Portsmouth and Southsea and out across the harbour and Solent,” a fond reporter from the Portsmouth News noted.

“The 24 carriages on the £750,000 attraction have also been used for private parties and even proposals of marriage.”

The wheel’s last day saw one local family of four receive the final VIP gondola experience, enjoying a bottle of prosecco and chocolates during the ride, as well as a farewell video from theme park vlog Coaster Crazy.

“It’s always sad when a park sells a ride and especially one that is as big as this one that can be seen for miles around,” said a spokesperson for the vlog.

“I love a good Ferris Wheel and the Solent, or The View as it’s also called, gives some of the best views in the UK.”

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