Reflex steps up its conversion process in readiness for gaming’s cashless solution

Mat Ingram Reflex Gaming cashless payment solution
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The cashless train has left the station and you’ll probably find Reflex Gaming sitting in the first class carriage. That’s because they bought their tickets early – using the pioneering industry cashless solution produced by Game Payment Technology. This week the company has confirmed that it has converted 33 different machines to incorporate a cashless payment option. Mat Ingram talks to Coinslot about the process.


Reflex Gaming, the largest independent design and manufacturer of Cat C machines in British pubs and arcades, has completed the conversion of its current product portfolio to incorporate a cashless function.

Over 10,000 Reflex gaming machines will now be able to include the pioneering industry payments service developed over the past year by the Bacta-sponsored Game Payment Technology operation.

Mat Ingram, Reflex director, told Coinslot: “For a long time now, we have been committed to backing the industry’s efforts to bring a cashless solution to the marketplace. And now, more than ever given the disruptive nature of Coronavirus, the idea of alternatives to cash is crucial. And so, we decided to start converting most of our recent product portfolio, both analogue and digital, to accommodate the GPT cashless solution.”

The timing couldn’t be better. Growing concerns over the use of cash during the pandemic, the rising acceptance of cashless as a preferred payment option for many sections of the public, and the clear necessity for the machines industry to be able to keep pace with the direction of public opinion – all key determinants for the Reflex conversion programme.

Some 13 analogue games and 20 different digital cabinet variants in the current Reflex portfolio are now available to play with a cashless option, and the manufacturer is rolling out more on a weekly basis.

“Reflex is trying to help operators expand their offering and player options as much as possible,” Ingram explained. “Incorporating the cashless solution into as many products as we can gives operators the best chance of being able to site diverse products in their venue rather than just the latest, greatest digital products.”

And Reflex are keen to see this innovation come from within the industry. The games designer has been one of the leading advocates of the Bacta-sponsored Game Payment Technology process. Ingram noted: “We are and have been specifically committed to supporting the Bacta solution as an industry-wide answer to the cashless problem. We explored other options but it always seemed sensible to support something that the whole industry could use rather than trying to reinvent something else to do the same job.”.

And the outcome is there to see, and play. Ingram concluded: “This is about player choice and keeping pace with current technology. Players want to make their own choices in how they play and pay, and we need to support that. At the same time, though, this new function enables us to make that choice possible within a more rigorous SR framework including the use of Age Verification and Limit Setting. And that, more than anything, requires an industry-focused solution, and GPT is proving its worth in that area.”

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