UDC’s Pearl Fishery pusher gets five stars from Funstation

UDC Pearl Fishery Funstation
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UDC visited Funstation in Castleford, Yorkshire recently to follow up on the installation of its coinless pusher, Pearl Fishery.


The London-based distributor has spent considerable time fine tuning the game for the UK market and has been pleased with the result, with Funstation managing director James Miller one of the first to have it installed earlier in the year. “We’re thrilled with the income and anticipate putting Pearl Fishery in many more of our locations,” said Miller. “Pearl Fishery looks bright and colourful and has a great ‘walk up factor’ with lots going on. The game encourages continued plays, with that vital ‘just one more play’ appeal.”

Pearl Fishery is a three position pusher game with, as UDC say, ‘a difference’; it replaces coins with pearls, allowing the game to be operated via both credits and a card system, a feature that is in increasing demand these days. During the game, various features activate to award bonus pearls and for lucky players the golden ‘big pearls’.

According to UDC sales director Jonathan Lauder: “UDC expects Pearl Fishery to continue to perform well and build on its current performance to sell well in 2021, when it is hoped that things will get back to normal.”

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