Rank defiant on Mecca chances of recovery

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With landed bingo delivered a particularly hard hit in losing the lion’s share of its older player-base to concerns over Covid, the Rank Group’s public affairs director has nevertheless insisted that the company’s Mecca Bingo brand will survive the pandemic and beyond.


In interview with Bingo-Daily last week, David Williams said that he had been “delighted” to open the vast majority of Mecca’s halls nationwide – with just five of the company’s 77 venues remaining closed due to local health concerns.

Meanwhile, Williams insisted that once the virus was defeated, Rank anticipated revived interest in bingo halls due to the public having been starved of communal activities.

“Lockdowns and restrictions have a direct impact on demand-side levels and, of course, wider consumer confidence,” he remarked. “We are certainly not alone in feeling the impact of that, but we are confident that the appeal of bingo, in clubs, has an enduring appeal which will survive far longer than the virus.”

“When we all emerge from the impacts of the virus we think there is going to be a heightened premium on the notion of community entertainment,” he went on. “We need to make sure we are well-positioned to take advantage of that movement.”

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