“Another lockdown would kill almost every business”, says Mr P’s

another lockdown warning Mr Ps Classic Amusements
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Despite momentum starting to build back up in its arcades that are open, Mr P’s Classic Amusements believes another lockdown would kill almost every one of its businesses.


Like many retail companies across the UK, Mr P’s was heavily affected by the national lockdown over summer, meaning difficult decisions had to be made and staff had to adapt.

“I think the entire team has struggled within the arcades and it’s only now that we are starting to get momentum back with the plans ahead and general running.

“With Maidstone still closed it has left things in a bit of a spin and muddle with us being overstaffed in Kent with holiday being used to prevent shortening of peoples hours,” said the operator.

“There has been a lot of things we have had to do behind the scenes, a lot of which is ‘padding’ to ensure we are braced for a leisure and hospitality restrictive order (if imposed), or the fact that people will be hibernating in the dark months ahead. We have a vast amount of machines ready to sell that are generic or part of the many arcades we have cleared in recent months. Another lockdown would kill almost every business, whatever the period, but whilst we cannot see this happening again it will be a case of ‘treading water’ through the winter.”

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