Can the industry weather the winter?

Will industry survive winter
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Government support for businesses is ending and the busy staycation period is coming to a close, leaving hospitality and attractions consultant Kev Smith, owner of Halo 2020, to question if the industry can weather the winter.


“Businesses have been supported by the UK government during the crisis. However, even with these measures in place, some businesses haven’t survived. Even more worrying is the fact that current schemes are winding down,” he said, adding that it comes at a time when the tourism and hospitality industry is at its lowest point, with schools now reopened, signalling the close of the holiday season.

“September usually sees coach operators filling the hotel rooms and guest houses of locations like Blackpool for late summer staycations. But several key carriers have also fallen foul to the Covid crisis,” continued Smith. “The loss of income and the removal of support packages from the government will throw the industry into an earlier than usual loss-making position. This will place more businesses at greater risk and inevitable closure with mass redundancies following.”

While the industry has contributed greatly to the country throughout summer, both from a mental health perspective and a financial one, it will need the government to return the favour through winter so that the British public still have a place to staycation in 2021.

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