Southend without Adventure Island is “unimaginable,” say locals

Adventure Island
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An interesting exercise in WhatIf?-style re-imagining found journos over at Essex Live consider how Southend-on-Sea would be different without the presence of its iconic Adventure Island theme park.


The article re-affirmed that it was the presence of the attraction which made Southend “undoubtedly Essex’s busiest seaside town,” with the park attracting “thousands of visitors each year” which it said was “vital for the town’s tourism.”

To that end, it was small wonder that practically the only positive thing they could think of with respect to Adventure Island suddenly disappearing was that parking in the resort would be considerably easier.

On the flipside meanwhile, the publication argued that the town would “suffer immensely” were Adventure Island not a part of its public offering.

“Adventure Island is the bedrock of tourism in Southend,” wrote the paper. “If it were to disappear, then so would a lot of tourists to the area.”

Local councillor Matt Dent was in evident agreement – saying that he couldn’t envision a version of Southend without the park.

“Adventure Island is clearly a tentpole attraction in Southend, and an essential and irreplaceable part of our seaside offer,” he said. “For generations of Southenders and visitors to the town, it’s been impossible to imagine Southend without the theme park, and I can’t see that changing going forward.”

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