‘Over-zealous regulation’: Gambling Business Group steps up campaign to help businesses in the firing line

Gambling Business Group GBG over regulation
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Meeting regulatory requirements is not a one-way street; the regulators, too, need to meet their obligations. Stepping up to help advise businesses suffering from regulation that steps over the line is the Gambling Business Group which is calling on the industry to let them know if regulations have been slapped on operations with full force but less regard for the regulatory parameters.


Gambling Business Group chief executive Peter Hannibal is urging SME’s within the gambling space to get in touch if they have been subject to what he describes as ‘overzealous’ regulation on the part of Local Authorities or other regulators.

Acknowledging the significant increase in the number of enforcement cases and the incidence of alcohol-licensed premises not complying with the Covid-19 regulations, he noted: “Mainstream media is quick to report on those incidents in which venues fail to control their customers or fail to comply with the protocols surrounding Covid. However, what’s being missed or overlooked are the number of cases in which a licence is suspended or revoked through a misunderstanding, or misinterpretation of the regulations. In most cases when these suspensions or revocations are appealed, the licences are reinstated and the business is allowed to continue trading.”

He added: “Unfortunately, not all businesses can afford to challenge or appeal such interventions, let alone incur the considerable legal costs. This can mean the life or death of a business during what is an excessively difficult trading environment. We are aware that there are many such gambling businesses currently operating on a knife edge and there is a concern that they could be subject to similar heavy-handed regulation by the authorities.

“While the job of the regulators is arguably harder than it has ever been with new requirements being drafted and then amended seemingly on a weekly basis, if any small business owner feels that they are being subjected to misinterpretation of the regulations then please get in touch with us at the GBG and we will provide you with relevant contacts and advice to help with your business continuity.”

The Gambling Business Group can be contacted at info@gamblingbusinessgroup.co.uk

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