JNC prepare for much anticipated annual ‘Warehouse Clearance Sale’

JNC Sales End of Season clearanceSale
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There are some traditions that simply refuse to give way to coronavirus – and the annual ‘End of Season Sale’ at JNC’s warehouse in Bristol is one of them.


Leading national machines supplier JNC Sales is keeping with its annual custom and staging its end of season sale for operators looking for late deals. One of JNC’s most popular initiatives, there will be significant reductions on their full range of stock – and on selected items up to 50 percent discounts are available. And, equally important, the price comes with all the benefits: a high quality workshop process and aftersales support.

The timing is particularly good for operators with many arcades and FECs considering a longer season, and some even looking at the prospect of an all year round plan.

“Most of our customers are relatively upbeat after a busy back-end of the summer season,”

Sam Coleman
Sam Coleman

sales and marketing manager Sam Coleman told Coinslot. “And now is a good time to buy, with machines at their lowest prices this year, especially for many who are exploring the idea of extending the season into October.”

With news breaking this week that EAG has been cancelled, and last week seeing Acos taken off the 2020 schedule, were JNC tempted to pull the sale?

Coleman was adamant. “We were determined to keep the sale on this year – it’s proved popular over the years and pre-Covid, a lot of people came to the warehouse to catch up and look around the products.

“Obviously, people’s Covid-anxiety levels are pretty high at the moment, but many had been asking us if they could still come round, so we thought it was a good idea to keep the option open.

“We decided to let people know that they can still visit us if they wanted to and to assure them that it’s all Covid-secure and everything’s in place for constant cleaning and sanitising. We would just encourage people to call in advance of them visiting so we can monitor numbers.But clearly, the main focus will be on the phone and online.”

And there will be plenty to talk about. JNC has offered a teaser to their portfolio in an advertising campaign this week, launched in the latest edition of Coinslot, and there are a number of key stand-outs from the distributor’s point of view.

Coleman noted: “These include our “Star Buys” – some of the industry’s most highly-rated earners at reduced to clear prices – notably Superbikes 2 twin, Big Bass Wheel, Slam a Winner, Crazy Toy crane, and Clockwork Oranges pusher.”

Tom Clarke

Looking ahead, Tom Clarke, JNC’s managing director, was equally enthused at the apposite timing of the promotion. “For us, we see the clearance sale as a chance for customers to resume some form of “business as usual” by being able to freshen up and improve their machine offering with minimal financial outlay.”

And in terms of business as usual, JNC have been busy over the last few months, looking at new initiatives for customers including finance-deals and rental options, and planning has already got underway for next year. Clarke added: “In our own operations, there appears to be a keenness amongst our customers to extend the season. There’s been a busy back end to the summer, perhaps busier than we initially anticipated. The customers want to get out and enjoy themselves. And of course an extended season would go a long way in continuing to help claw back three months of inactivity.”

And that prospect has been reflected in JNC’s upbeat mood. The company has not been idle. “We’ve remodelled our warehouse to make it more accessible for machine viewings and to improve its efficiency,” Clarke declared, “and we’re also looking at exhibiting at one or two new shows for the first time next year – news on this to follow!”

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