BNAE unveils Wonder Woman prize range as super hero heads over to UK for blockbuster movie launch

BNAE DC Comics Plush
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BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Europe are poised and ready for the latest movie blockbuster with stock in place for the release of the eagerly awaited Wonder Woman 1984 on 2 October 2020.

BNAE has a contract for a range of DC Comics branded plush and anticipation is high for what has been coined, and almost certainly will be, the ‘first family movie post Covid’ in the UK.

And the amusements giant couldn’t have hoped for a more impactful blockbuster to hit the screens. With director Patty Jenkins back at the helm, and Gal Gadot returning in the title role, “Wonder Woman 1984” is Warner Bros’ sequel to the superhero’s first movie outing – the record-breaking “Wonder Woman” which took in $822m at the worldwide box office in 2017.

The new film, which was originally planned for launch last November, also stars Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Kristen Wiig as The Cheetah, Pedro Pascal as Max Lord, Robin Wright as Antiope and Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta.

And BANDAI NAMCO have moved swiftly to ensure that a range of DC Comics branded plush is now available to celebrate the film’s release. BNAE’s EMEA Prize Sales Manager Darrell Simmonds confirmed: “The DC Comics brand has been very successful for the company and from the early days of plush and gifts we have even expanded our licence to cover machines to get more branding in locations.”

Not surprisingly, demand is expected to be extremely strong for Wonder Woman plush in the coming months as Simmonds intimated: “Along with the fact that the UK population has been starved of family cinemas releases, and from the write ups on the film, we expect the plush to be Number 1 in all locations.”

BNAE will be using the Wonder Woman release as the platform for its own new launch – the Prize department’s 2021 season range of plush. “We are using the film to release the first in a range of new styled retail quality products with more to follow in 2021,” Simmonds told Coinslot.

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