Carousel Amusements gets serious – again – about plastic waste

Carousel Amusements Westward Ho!
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An amusements operator in Devon has stumped up once again to help cut down on plastic pollution on the British coast, by commissioning a local artist to create a sculpture of a fish.


John Martin of Carousel Amusements in Westward Ho! re-commissioned local artist Rob Floyd to replace “Phillup the Fish,” who had sat outside his arcade and served as a plastic waste bin since last summer – but sadly came to a premature and watery end in the recent storms.

Phillip’s replacement, Phillupa, was created in two days and officially debuted this weekend, with both Martin, Floyd, and local MP Geoffrey Cox in attendance at the launch ceremony.

“Philip has been missed by the public and had quite an impact,” said Martin. “This one is a lot stronger, easier to empty, and has a smaller mouth that takes the smaller plastic we can cope with.”

Local environmental campaigner Andrew Cross praised the new piece as “a conversation starter,” and “a fun way of raising environmental awareness.”

Meanwhile, Cox said that Phillup’s swift replacement showed that Westward Ho! was “continuing to lead the way in its work to reduce plastic pollution in our seas.”

“It’s an essential task,” he added. “If we’re to reduce our consumption of single-use plastic items, I am sure Philupa will play an important part locally.”

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