Barry Island Pleasure Park welcomes 1,000 NHS workers

Barry Island Pleasure Park
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Barry Island Pleasure Park welcomed more than 1,000 members of Cardiff and Vale NHS on 20 August, as a gesture of thanks for their work during the Coronavirus crisis.


Organised by park owner Henry Danter, Barry Round Table and Chemical Corporation Ltd, the event saw hundreds of families enjoy free rides, food and drink at the Barry landmark.

“I think it’s a very special day,” Danter told Barry and District News. “It’s only a special day for Barry and all these lovely hardworking people helping us through the crisis.”

“We want to do our little bit for the community we live in, for Wales, and the people who have risked their lives to make sure that we’ve got a chance to live.”

The free fun day took place from midday, with families able to book in time slots to ensure the park did not exceed capacity for social distancing.

Though Danter reported that at “two o’clock we were weeping,” due to strong winds that could have jeopardised the event, good weather prevailed and the majority of rides were able to operate.

“We’ve got a great day, some great people, we’ve got a great place. I think this is the most exciting day of my life.”

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