World of Rides launches new ‘Parent and Child’ Funshine Buggy

Funshine Buggy World of Rides
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For ‘family fun on land or ice’, World of Rides are making sure their latest launch is equipped for all UK climate conditions. Its Funshine Buggy comes equipped with new technology and a versatility tailor-made for Covid-conscious operations.


It’s part of the World of Rides heritage – which now dates back over half a century – but the manufacturer’s wide range of ‘Parent & Child’ 12v and 24v battery operated rides continue to remain firm favourites around the UK amusements circuit. The company says it’s “due to their reliability and profitability”, but the latest addition, Funshine Buggy, has that added dimension: versatility.

Funshine Buggy ColoursWorld of Rides’ new 12v ‘Parent & Child’ Funshine Buggy’s are now available in a range of ‘exciting and vibrant’ colours, for use either indoors or outdoors during the extended summer season, and enhanced by exciting sound and lighting effects.

The company is clearly excited at the launch, not least because of the options the ride brings to operators. “They have been designed to be used over a full twelve-month period on either land or ice,” Andrew and Dave Robinson told Coinslot. “They can be used on ice rinks during the Christmas season or in Snow-Parks all-year-round too.”

The Funshine Buggy’s are powered by new-technology heavy-duty 12 volt batteries, providing longer daily usage – “longer than was previously ever thought possible,” the pair noted. The tech spec is also cost effective – the rides come without the heavier costs of lithium-cell batteries, although they are also available for them too.

The Funshine Buggy has been a year in the making: designed, built and site-tested, just prior to Covid-19 lockdown, with production restarted in early August to fulfil orders placed by UK operators as they prepared to re-open their parks and resorts.

The ride has been well received by the market and the Robinsons are enjoying a good run of form of late, notably with its track system. “More and more leading UK indoor operators are also adopting our ‘Inside-Out’ track system,” they confirmed. “Here, the normal track indoors can be greatly increased in size by extending outside the building through exterior doors, during fine weather or whenever greater social distancing is required.”

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